When you need advice, it’s best to get it all in one place.

Business owners are often faced with the challenge of complexity - they have to juggle both personal and business wealth needs, mitigate various risks and plan for succession as well as retirement.

In order to manage all this, it often requires a number of specialists providing various wealth strategies and solutions. When all this is coordinated through one place, you can ensure all these pieces of advice are working together and managed efficiently.

Through working with business owners in the UP for many years, we’ve acquired both the track record and resources required to meet their needs.

Independent, Objective Money Management

We can build a portfolio that is customized according to your needs for growth, savings, tax, and cash flow.

We tie this to comprehensive planning services and the following resources:

1 Work with CPA firms to help identify tax mitigation opportunities
2 Network of individual specialists including estate attorneys and insurance professionals
3 Asset management service with ongoing behavioral consultation and free from conflicts of interest
4 Investment expertise that includes capital markets, dividend growth and stock portfolios
Raymond James does not provide tax advice.

Leave the financial side to us.

With all the complexities of your business and your wealth, preparing for retirement requires more than a savings plan.

What's needed is a system to monitor and guide you through the succession of your business to the retirement lifestyle that you envision. This is what we provide - we want to help get you to the point where work is optional, and then guide you through the transition.

Our succession planning services include:

  • Planning the transition and tax strategies to extract capital from your business
  • Support through the process of business valuation and negotiation
  • Helping to create tax shelters within your business and allocating your wealth efficiently
  • Building the income you need after the succession
  • Guidance and communication around transferring the business to a family member

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