A New Generation of Family Trusts

It used to be that the trust department at your local bank would unquestionably handle your family trusts. They would then assign an internal investment manager to handle the investments within that trust.

Meanwhile, your financial and retirement plan, tax and estate strategies could be managed elsewhere - but on top of the rigidity of bank procedure and the inability to customize around your own needs, this approach results in a family trust that is not fully aligned with your wealth and estate goals.

Like many other aspects of your wealth, you have far more options now.

By partnering with an independent professional trustee, we are able to provide investment management services for your family trust alongside all of our other wealth services.

This leads to the following benefits:

  • Make better use of capital gains exemptions and deferred tax
  • Avoid probate fees and other estate costs
  • Manage dividend income from a business with lower tax
  • Better preserve wealth and transfer money to your children at various times
  • Reduce or eliminate the future income tax on the wealth in your family trust
  • Combine and coordinate with the tax and estate strategies in your existing wealth plans
  • Work with your lawyer and accountant to select and implement the right type of trust for you

Strong cash flow is a reflection of smart wealth planning.

With a family, you have multiple priorities that shouldn’t be competing - saving for your children’s education, helping to support aging parents, or planning for your own retirement.

Cash flow planning is about helping you balance all of these priorities, and mapping it all out to ensure you can maintain that balance even after you retire. This entails looking at your incoming and outgoing wealth and finding opportunities to make it more efficient.

Our cash flow planning advice involves:

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If complexity is the problem, planning is the solution.

There's so much to consider with your wealth, but if you have a plan that lays it all out clearly, you can be comfortable with the path you’ve chosen.

Our advanced financial plans involve:

  • Aligning your wealth strategies with your Investment Policy Statement
  • Communication with the next generation of your family
  • Tax strategies and planning your estate
  • Retirement goal-based planning
  • Regular plan reviews that allow us to keep your strategies current

Your Advanced Plan

Some opportunities appear only when you have an expert to weigh in. That's why we include our professional network in our process to assemble your advanced financial plan.

The advanced plan is detailed enough to reflect your vision as it relates to each aspect of your wealth, and it's resourceful enough to help make that vision a reality.

Our planning process involves resources such as:

  • Legal specialists, in conversation with your own lawyer(s)
  • Accountants, actuaries and tax specialists
  • Insurance professionals
  • In-house experts and consultation meetings to align strategies

Where Safety and Opportunity Meet

Insurance is all about ensuring you or your family are provided for in the event of a sudden change of circumstances - but if you know all your options you can actually combine these benefits with solutions for tax saving, transferring family wealth, or supporting your retirement lifestyle.

Through various insurance products and strategies, we can help you:

  • Protect your family in the event of long-term illness, accident or death
  • Preserve your estate for the next generation
  • Protect your business or organization
  • Liquidate and transfer wealth at select times during your retirement

Through annuity options, we can help you:

  • Create tax-advantage growth opportunities
  • Collect regular, guaranteed income throughout your retirement
  • Plan and save for retirement with greater certainty

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