Medical professionals have a unique mix of financial needs.

And most often, they have very little spare time to address those needs. The biggest question, though, has to do with asset allocation:

  • How do I structure my wealth so that I can grow it efficiently?
  • What are the benefits of incorporating my practice?
  • How do I properly allocate wealth to a corporation, holding company or other tax shelter?
  • What do I have to do to preserve my wealth for retirement?

The Greatest Advantage

We work with medical doctors, dentists and other specialists, so that they can choose strategies that offer the greatest advantage over the long term.

This often involves:

  • Guidance for forming, incorporating and structuring your practice
  • Ideas and advice for lowering your tax liability, in coordination with your accountant
  • Strategies for retirement income planning and transitioning your practice

It's about more than investment risk.

For medical professionals, risk comes in many forms. If you own your own practice, you can be exposed to risks similar to that of a business owner, combined with legal and tax liabilities - all of which can affect your wealth significantly.

Our advisors, as well as our in-house and extended teams, contribute to risk management strategies both within and independent of your investment portfolio.

We help mitigate risk through:


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