The Wealth Management Consultative Process

We all have goals for our wealth, but many of us are unaware of just how much is available to help reach those goals.

Our Wealth Management Consultative Process allows us to bring together the right resources, strategies and professionals to form your personalized investment and wealth plans.

Meeting 1

Our first discovery meeting is just a conversation. There is only so much you can find out through forms and documents. We talk with you about your values, relationships, interests and goals, both personal and financial. This is the level of understanding we need to begin forming our recommendations and plans.

Investment Plan and IPS

We then consult with our internal team and put together our recommendations. This includes a diagnostic of your current portfolio, our recommendations for moving forward, and a complete investment plan with an Investment Policy Statement. We also lay out the details of the investment approach we will take to help you reach your goals.

Meeting 2

You need to see, review and understand your wealth strategies before you can be confident that you are on the right track.

About two weeks after our first discovery meeting, we conduct an Investment Plan Meeting where we present to you your Investment Policy Statement, investment plan and recommendations.

Meeting 3

Once you've had a chance to review, we confirm a mutual commitment to our investment plan.

This is the beginning of what we call our behavioral consultation, an ongoing initiative to provide support and guidance through each financial decision you face. Especially when it comes to the markets, we want to help you make informed, level-headed choices about your portfolio.

Meeting 4

45 days afterward, we meet to ensure all account paperwork is complete and everything is going smoothly. We then turn our attention to your Advanced Plan, a set of goal-oriented steps relating to all areas of your wealth, not only those that pertain to your investments.

The Professional Network

We begin to compile your Advanced Plan, and this entails a comprehensive evaluation of your full range of financial needs. Our network of carefully selected professionals allows us to carry out this evaluation, as each professional has a high level of knowledge and skill in a certain key financial area.

Meeting 5

After 90 days, we begin to host our regular progress meetings. We discuss plan implementation, as well as overall progress to date and any specific items that would require us to adjust our strategies. Our proactive communication approach helps ensure you have a clear understanding of your progress at all times.

Professional Network Meeting

The professionals within our network present their recommendations, and these become key solutions within your Advanced Plan.

Our internal team arranges and aligns the various components of your plan, so that we can review it with you and begin implementing.

The Advanced Plan

With your investment strategy and Advanced Plan in place, we focus on the ongoing task of communicating with our internal and external teams, as well as you and your family, so that we can help you make smart financial decisions.

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