You've saved up your retirement assets – now what?

For most of your career, your retirement savings accumulate in the background, while you focus on more immediate needs or goals for your wealth.

There comes a time, though, when you stand to gain a lot if you can consider all your options. If you're changing jobs or retiring, rolling over your 401(k) can create a number of opportunities for your wealth and your retirement.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Rollover can be done quickly and easily
  • The transition is non-taxable
  • Consolidates your savings and simplifies the planning process
  • Allows you to explore a greater range of investment types and opportunities
  • Greater overall flexibility
  • Opportunities for tax-efficient wealth transfers

Our service also includes the following:

  • We take care of all the paperwork
  • Roll this into our wealth planning service so that your IRA becomes part of your advanced plan
  • Introduce a broad range of investment types
  • Customize your investment approach to your personal needs

Let's put all this into perspective.

Most professionals find it a challenge to get a clear picture of their retirement - to be confident in the steps they’re taking to get from A to B.

That is because even if you have one part of your wealth well-planned and well-managed, you have to ensure everything else falls in line. This is something we call strategic planning. It is the process of taking a broad view of your finances and coordinating the strategies in place, so that together they can help you build and preserve wealth, with minimal risk.


We achieve this through:

  • Our wealth management consultative process
  • A network of specialists providing expert insights on topics such as tax and estate, insurance or charitable giving
  • Clear retirement plans that are monitored and maintained through regular updating process

How will you fund your retirement?

A retirement income plan is the answer to this question. It also helps determine how much you will need, how you will access it tax-efficiently, and how this may be altered as your income needs change.

Our retirement income planning approach helps you to:

  • Plan your retirement lifestyle and adjust to lifestyle shifts
  • Make a smooth transition into retirement
  • Manage risk by combining multiple sources of income
  • Saving tax through a coordinated approach
  • Identify ways to preserve your wealth through retirement
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