Everything changes once you retire.

You start generating income in a completely new way, and you use that income to support a new lifestyle with new spending habits, which can continue to change as your retirement goes on - so how do you plan for all of this change?

We believe it’s about forward thinking and careful planning around your unique goals.

A Cash Flow Plan Built around Your Goals

You may not be able to predict everything about your retirement, but you can certainly make plans that can adapt to changing circumstances. When we define your cash flow strategies, we incorporate a degree of flexibility for just this purpose.

Our process helps our retired clients to:

  • Downsize, purchase and renovate homes
  • Support charitable causes
  • Travel and pursue personal interests
  • Support children or grandchildren
  • Maintain lifestyle while preserving wealth for the next generation

Our cash flow planning for retirement includes:

  • Investing and income planning with conservative strategies to minimize risk
  • Aligning cash flow and estate goals so that you can enjoy retirement while building a legacy
  • Spending strategies and projections
  • Regular reviews and adjustments to help adapt to life changes

Your tax strategy should be just as tailored as your cash flow plan.

As a retiree, you have many opportunities to save tax that are often missed. You may have just sold a business or started collecting a pension, but if your personal cash flow strategy is aligned with smart tax planning, then you can make the most of your retirement income.

In order to help you minimize tax in retirement, we:

  • Recommend trusts, insurance policies, and other tax shelters that can help preserve capital
  • Communicate with your accountant and other tax specialists
  • Identify ways to minimize income tax and extract cash from your business

You can enjoy retirement knowing your estate is protected.

Your wealth may be well-preserved and risk-managed, but what about your estate? Successfully meeting your legacy goals means protecting your estate from unnecessary taxes, legal liabilities, or other risks that could stand in the way of the distributions you have planned for your family wealth.

We believe this requires an in-depth knowledge of your financial needs and goals, as well as the ability to coordinate strategies through tax and legal specialists. In this way we’re able to help our retired clients fully protect their wealth and fully enjoy their retirement.

What is your family wealth vision?

Transferring an estate is one of the biggest concerns for successful retirees today. When you’ve done all you can to grow your wealth efficiently, you want to know that everything is in place to transfer it efficiently, too.

Many of our clients have built up their wealth with certain goals in mind, like supporting family or community causes, and the resources we’ve built up over the years allow us to:

  • Help you avoid probate fees and minimize estate taxes
  • Set up trusts and other structures to access and transfer wealth efficiently
  • Provide strategies for living legacy, philanthropy and education planning
  • Ensure will and power of attorney are up to date
  • Enlist our estate attorney to review and recommend appropriate strategies
  • Guidance for the next generation and managing an inheritance
  • Establish a shared understanding between you, your family members and wealth specialists

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