What We Do

The Mark Aho Difference:

Goal Plan–Based Asset Management

A personal investment strategy, based on your specific goals, is the main vehicle we use to help you live abundantly and generously.

Through our internal investment review process, our team is able to advise and personally manage your investment portfolio. We maintain a direct connection with your investments and an active review which helps us keep you on track.

Our asset management capabilities include both a dividend stock strategy as well as a managerdriven, all-weather strategy. The way in which we employ and combine these strategies depends on your individual needs and objectives.

Equity Dividend Solution:

Your Growing Dividend Stock Strategy

The focus of our primary investment philosophy is to identify high-quality companies that pay and grow dividends.

Dividends represent cash payments to shareholders, which creates the opportunity to design a diversified, predictable and growing income stream that aligns with your long-term financial plan.

Our Growing Dividend Stock Strategy consists mainly of large, industry leading-companies. We seek out those with a long track record of paying and growing dividends.

*Dividends are not guaranteed and must be authorized by the company’s board of directors.

Manager-Driven Solution:

Your All-Weather Strategy

Our manager-driven strategies are designed to help you weather all markets, by incorporating high-quality investments within stated style boxes.

This generally results in equal weightings in large and small companies, value and growth stocks, and international and emerging markets. We often incorporate what we consider to be alternative markets as a small, tactical component of the strategy. Ultimately, we created the All-Weather Strategy to help our clients reach their desired financial goals.

In the design process, we will customize your portfolio to help meet your financial goals. Explore the interactive diagram below for a general illustration of this approach.


  • Fixed Income 100%
  • Large Cap Equities 0%
  • Small Cap Equities 0%
  • Dev. Int’l/EM 0%
  • Real Estate 0%


  • Fixed Income 80%
  • Large Cap Equities 8%
  • Small Cap Equities 8%
  • Dev. Int’l/EM 4%
  • Real Estate 0%


  • Fixed Income 60%
  • Large Cap Equities 16%
  • Small Cap Equities 16%
  • Dev. Int’l/EM 8%
  • Real Estate 0%


  • Fixed Income 50%
  • Large Cap Equities 20%
  • Small Cap Equities 20%
  • Dev. Int’l/EM 10%
  • Real Estate 0%


  • Fixed Income 40%
  • Large Cap Equities 22%
  • Small Cap Equities 22%
  • Dev. Int’l/EM 13%
  • Real Estate 3%


  • Fixed Income 30%
  • Large Cap Equities 26%
  • Small Cap Equities 26%
  • Dev. Int’l/EM 15%
  • Real Estate 3%


  • Fixed Income 20%
  • Large Cap Equities 30%
  • Small Cap Equities 30%
  • Dev. Int’l/EM 17%
  • Real Estate 3%


  • Fixed Income 0%
  • Large Cap Equities 36%
  • Small Cap Equities 36%
  • Dev. Int’l/EM 24%
  • Real Estate 4%

Combination Solution:

Your Tailored Strategy

In designing investment strategies for our clients, we may combine our above two solutions into a customized strategy based on your needs.

We often encircle our core strategy with smaller percentages in small cap equities, international and emerging market equities, real estate, and fixed income.

Your Tailored Strategy


While our investment philosophy is consistent across all client strategies, no two portfolios are the same.

That’s because portfolio design always comes after careful consideration of the goals, needs and circumstances we uncover through our custom discovery process.

For example, if our four key life questions uncover a family priority that requires changes in cash flow, we can customize your investment portfolio to reflect that goal. We can specifically select dividend-paying equities or adjust your mix of investments to account for a wide variety of needs, like current income requirements or tax considerations. If you simply have a particular investment position you wish to retain, we can often accommodate such preferences.


“Living an abundant life means protecting what matters most and achieving fulfillment through generosity of wealth and spirit.”
Mark A. Aho, MBA, CFP®, CIMA®
President, MAFG | Financial Advisor, RJFS

All investment are subject to risk, including loss. This is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful. Asset allocation and diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. It is important to review the investment objectives, risk tolerance, tax objectives and liquidity needs before choosing an investment style or manager.

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