We all have goals for our wealth, but how much is really possible?

You may have a vision for your wealth and what it may do for you in the future, but it can be difficult to see how much of this vision is really possible.

This changes once you come to understand what opportunities you have, what strategies and resources are out there, what options have become available to you over time - and this is the kind of understanding that you can gain only from advice that is truly objective and genuinely focused on your situation.

We work with you to show you what’s possible, and it becomes our mission to make that vision a reality.

Our 6 Principles: Guiding Your Wealth as It Builds

The markets are always in motion, but there are some things in investing that never change. After many years helping clients make smart decisions for their wealth, we believe that there are certain principles that remain true regardless of what's happening in your life or in the markets.

These are our six guiding investment principles.


You must have faith in the future. If you place trust in the decisions and plans we've laid out, then you can make calm, timely choices about your investments.


Peace, do not be anxious. The growth you want rarely happens overnight, but losses can happen suddenly. Smart investing is about being patient and being conscious of the long term.


Set a course and stay with it. At times, it can be harder to follow plans than it is to make them, but if you invest with consistency and discipline you can better build and preserve your wealth over time.

Asset Allocation

Select the right balance of stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities and cash. Asset allocation is one of the key factors in determining overall investment success.


We spread out too far and wide to make a killing, however we are not getting killed, either. Diversification is one of the most effective ways to mitigate risk in your portfolio.

Annual Rebalancing

Through market cycles, we put the portfolio back to your optimal riskreward position. This is an opportunity to adapt to the current marketplace, and to any recent changes in your life or wealth goals.

Helping Clients
Make Smart
Financial Decisions

We build wealth.

Wealth accumulation is the starting point for all of your financial goals. While we allocate your wealth to help you reach the level of growth and cash flow you need, we also help guide investment choices through ongoing behavioral consulting.

We manage wealth.

We are one of the few advisories in the UP that actually manages money. Together with in-depth planning, we help build the financial structure that you need to enjoy retirement, leave a legacy, and reach specific wealth goals.

We protect wealth.

We follow a disciplined, conservative investment process that keeps wealth protection as a top priority. We also help implement tax and insurance strategies, with a long track record of success in the UP community.

We transfer wealth.

Your estate, your family wealth, your business succession, all require a coordinated approach that involves financial specialists and communication with the next generation. This is what we work to provide.

Local Team


"The goals you have for your wealth depend, to some degree, on what is offered by your advisor. That is why it is worth taking an open look and asking yourself how much more could be possible."

Mark A. Aho, MBA, CFP®, CIMA®
President, MAFG
Financial Advisor, RJFS


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